Junior candidates give speeches for 2021-2022 Senior Prefect elections

After selecting Jade Stanford ’22 and Quincey Dern ’22 as their Head Prefects last month, juniors are participating in an election to choose four Senior Prefects for the 2021-2022 school year. Results will be emailed to students after voting ends May 10 at 3:15 p.m.

Nine juniors are running in the election, and all candidates gave live speeches May 7 answering both prepared and unprepared questions. Those who opted to attend in-person classes viewed the event alongside classmates in the Taper Gymnasium, while others watched the speeches at home through a Zoom webinar.

The nine candidates for Senior Prefect are Jack Coleman, Micah Gold, Joy Ho, Hailey Hubbard, Matteo Perez, Amelia Scharff, Jason Thompson, Izzy Welsh and Ash Wright.

Candidates covered their plans for the next school year in their statements

Candidate statements emailed to students covered topics such as the Honor Board, the new block schedule and the school’s Vision Statements. In her candidate statement, Ash Wright ’22 suggested that Prefect Council set up opportunities promoting in-person social engagement.

“I feel that Prefect Council should lean on the student body now, more than ever, in order to organize meaningful events and everyday activities to both reintroduce ourselves back to normalcy, and make the most out of the year we lost,” Wright said. “In the case that we end up needing to transition back into a hybrid style of learning, I would create initiatives and events that would still allow students to have as many safe (both in a figurative and literal sense) social outlets as possible.”

Candidates spoke for a total of two minutes each

Candidate Joy Ho ’22 said that the school’s Honor Board should be restructured to prevent academic dishonesty rather than punish it.

“As Prefect, I will prioritize ensuring transparent communication between students and faculty so that there is less confusion of ‘gray areas’ regarding the Honor Code,” Ho said. “Additionally, I believe that teachers should continue having open-notes tests and more flexibility with extensions on assignments, at least in the beginning of the year, to alleviate time pressure while switching back to in-person learning. To create an environment that encourages moral behavior and true integrity, I will also push the Honor Board away from punitive measures, and instead explore ways for students to reflect, rehabilitate and grow.”

After voting closed May 10, Prefect Council announced Jack Coleman, Micah Gold, Haily Hubbard and Joy Ho had advanced to a runoff election for Senior Prefect. Juniors must choose four of the remaining candidates to become Senior Prefects before May 11.