Coffeehouse Continues


Illustration by Sydney Fener

Becca Berlin

Prefect Council hosted the first Coffeehouse of the year Nov. 15 in Chalmers after school. Featuring student performances in music, poetry and dance, the event marks the return of on-campus Coffeehouses after a year of Zoom performances.

Junior Prefect Aiko Offner ’23 said she looked forward to the return of in-person Coffeehouse performances.

“Coffeehouse has a tradition of being an amazing warm and supportive space for everyone at school, and we wanted to bring it back especially because it was hard to create that same atmosphere on Zoom,” Offner said. “I was so excited to create that environment again.”

Having attended a Coffeehouse performance before, Jessica Thompson ’23 said she was excited for her first time performing in the event.

“Watching the performances last year on Zoom is what initially sparked my interest in the coffeehouse, and I have been wanting to perform in one ever since,” Thompson said.

Accompanied by guitarist Josh Cheng ’23, Thompson sang John Legend’s “Ordinary People” for her Coffeehouse performance.

“This song has been one of my favorites for a long time, and I’ve never performed it before, so I thought this would be a great chance to finally get to,” Thompson said. “[Cheng] and I practiced a couple of times the week before the show in the school’s music practice rooms whenever we could.”

Cheng said he enjoyed working with Thompson to prepare for their Coffeehouse performance.

“We are friends, and we’ve performed before at the south Pasadena farmers market together, so when [Thompson] asked me about [performing with her for] Coffeehouse, I was happy to participate,” Cheng said.

Singer Kieran Cooper ’23 said performing at Coffeehouse can help increase a performer’s confidence.

“I would recommend Coffeehouse to other students because I still get super nervous when talking in front of large groups, but performing helps immensely with those kinds of skills that you may use in other aspects of your life,” Cooper said.

Cooper said part of what the varied group of performers improves the Coffeehouse experience.

“My favorite thing about Coffeehouse is getting the opportunity to see everyone’s different performing styles,” Cooper said. “I also love seeing everyone get to showcase their individual talents and artistry. It inspires me a lot as a songwriter.”