“Spring Awakening” Musical Auditions Announced


Illustration by Alexa Druyanoff

Vasilia Yordanova, Assistent A&E Editor

Auditions for “Spring Awakening,” the musical for this school year, were announced in an email to students on Oct. 24. There will be specific auditions for acting, dancing and singing, and all roles are open to anyone regardless of the script’s character descriptions. The play is set to debut on Feb. 18, with shows running until Feb. 20.

“Spring Awakening” is a rock musical that explores adolescence, delving into topics such as sexuality, abuse and personal autonomy.

Gisele Stigi ’22 said she has familiarized herself with the musical’s cast recording on Spotify in order to prepare for her audition.

“I really love the music in ‘Spring Awakening,’ but I was definitely surprised when the school announced this would be the winter show because I know the musical deals with themes of sex, suicide and abuse,” Stigi said.

Despite the controversial nature of the songs, Stigi said she is most excited about the singing audition.

“The songs in ‘Spring Awakening’ are all amazing,” Stigi said. “I may or may not have belted along to all of them in the car at some point.”

Dahlia Delgadillo ’23 said she is looking forward to the acting audition because she enjoys transforming into new characters. She said “Spring Awakening” is a powerful choice for the musical because of the content it discusses.

“I know that there are some intense themes such as suicide, abortion, sexual abuse and child abuse,” Delgadillo said. “I think that these themes while being very intense, are important to explore.”

Delgadillo said the school has all roles open to everyone for every performance, a choice that complements the topics in the musical and makes the theater program more inclusive.

“I think having every role open to everyone is an amazing aspect of [the school’s] theater program,” Delgadillo said. “When I performed in the fall musical ‘Violet’ at the middle school my freshman year, I had an amazing experience with the cast and crew and formed many connections within the school community.”