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Claire Conner, Print Managing Editor

The Munger Games: Catching Fire (Sept. 2)

This thrilling action film about a lab accident setting off fire alarms captures the ever-present danger of Honors Chemistry. As students on the field check Snapchat, teachers count them twelve times. The school can only be saved by a fearless group of administrators…but they have to do a Chronicle interview first.


Fantastic Yeasts and Where To Find Them (Sept. 17)

When the Jewish Family Alliance struggles to find a decent leavening agent for their challahs, they recruit a team of wizards to navigate kosher market aisles filled with dementors and judgemental bubbies. This film will keep you on the edge of your tuchus!


House of Commons (Sept. 1)

Themes of power, ambition and betrayal are explored as a dramatic battle over the fate of the River Park sets the stage for numerous revenge plots.


Emily in the Century City Mall (Sept. 10)

This show has passion, fashion and the most exotic scenery near Rancho Park. Unfortunately, romantic dinners at California Pizza Kitchen, a sweet bonding moment at the American Girl Pop-Up Shop and a Chelsea Clinton cameo at Equinox  lack the glamor and spunk needed to distract from a lifeless plot lacking excitement and suspense. 


The Saboteurs (Sept. 13)

A stunning, 3-episode exposé depicts the successes of a Kars4Kids crew that has secretly been narrowing each of the school’s parking spaces by one inch every month in an effort to increase crash rates and boost sales. 


Brentwood Nine-Nine (Sept. 26)

Brentwood is its name, and speeding tickets are its game. In one of the least exciting procedural comedies since the middle school Daily Bulletin, a quirky crew of cops fails to solve crimes as mayhem spreads from The Getty to Kreation.