Wrestling prepares for playoff competitions


Printed with Permission of Darlene Bible.

On the Mat: Alec Avedissian ’25 faces off against an opponent in a wrestling match versus Crespi Carmelite High School on Jan. 31, 2023, the team’s fourth match of the season and final one before Mission League Finals.

Nathan Wang

 Alemany High School, Chaminade and Crespi, the wrestling team looks to bounce back just in time for the playoffs.

Wrestling playoffs include three tournaments in chronological order: CIF Individuals, CIF Masters and CIF CA State. To qualify for CIF Individuals, wrestlers must place in the top three of their respective weight class in the Mission League Individual Finals on Feb. 4. From there, wrestlers have to place in the eighth position or better in each CIF tournament to advance.

Wrestling Program Head Junior Amazan said the team has struggled to send wrestlers to compete in all 14 of the different weight classes which resulted in multiple forfeits.  

“In all our other league matches we were only able to fill 5-8 of the 14 weight classes going into the match,” Amazan said. “Wrestling is a tough sport and will take time to fill our varsity roster and guys who are up to the task.”

Amazan said the Chaminade loss in particular was predictable due to the fact that they have a larger program. 

“Chaminade is a great team with high-level talent,” Amazan said. “They are becoming a premiere name in CIF Southern Section wrestling. We lost to them because most of our guys are first- or second-year wrestlers.” 

Amazan said maintaining the team’s mindset is extremely important to be successful in the remaining tournaments of the year.

“We are in the lab,” Amazan said. “We are adding some new things and refining some of our positions. Everyday we’re getting better and more importantly, building confidence. Everything from this point is high stakes. [The player’s] mindset will play an important part [in whether or not they succeed].”

Amazan said the wrestling team’s journey of self-improvement is demanding, but, in the end, is worth the high level of effort.

“Wrestling is a tough sport and will show you a lot about yourself both on and off the mat,” Amazan said. “These young men that have made the choice to step on the mat have been challenged and have given their blood, sweat and tears to get to where they are without results on the surface. But, like a bamboo tree that spends years building its roots, we are ready to break the surface.”

Team Captain Isaac Wiener ’23 said that in preparation for playoffs and league finals, the team is using practice time to refine techniques through friendly wrestling matches.

“The team [now] focuses a lot on doing live wrestling during practice rather than just drilling, and trying to get each wrestler ready individually for the competition,” Wiener said.

Wrestler Cutter East ’24 said  the losses continue to motivate the team to improve as they continue moving forward.

“We are very optimistic about our future in wrestling as individuals and as a team,” East said. “Each loss was more or less a product of our lack of depth in our roster. Even at such a disadvantage, the wrestlers we do have put up great fights and end up winning many of the matches.”

East said the Mission League Individual Final is a great chance for every wrestler on the team to showcase their individual progress from the season.

“The Mission League Individuals is truly our time to shine without relying on a filled-out roster,” East said. “Each individual wrestler now gets the opportunity to prove themselves on the mat.” 

East said his primary goal for the remainder of the season is to put all of the training that he has done to use and perform as well as he possibly can during the upcoming playoffs.

“My goal for the rest of the season is really just to wrestle my best by using the culmination of everything that I have learned and all of the work I have put in up to this point,” East said. “If I use everything I’ve got, I’m hoping I can make it far into the season and [am] happy with the improvements I’ve made in my career as a wrestler.”