Robert Hur ’91 appointed to be special counsel in Biden probe

Sara Segil

Robert Hur ’91 was appointed special counsel to the investigation of President Biden’s mishandling of confidential documents by Attorney General Merrick Garland on Jan. 12.

Earlier in January, the FBI found classified documents from Biden’s time as Vice President in a warranted 13-hour search of his personal home in Delaware. Investigators also found documents at a Washington think tank where Biden maintained an office. Critics have drawn parallels to an investigation of Former President Donald Trump, who held hundreds of classified documents in his Mar-a-Lago estate.

After graduating from Harvard School, Hur attended Harvard College and Stanford Law School. He has served as the United States attorney for the District of Maryland and as a partner at the Washington, D.C. law firm Gibson Dunne.

History Teacher Katherine Holmes-Chuba, who taught Hur while he was a student at Harvard School, said she has followed his career since his graduation.

“I have been following Robert’s career off and on, in part thanks to Mr. Hu who keeps me informed,” Holmes-Chuba said. “I was a little surprised to see his name in the investigation since I know the name and I had heard that he retired from government, but not surprised that he was appointed by Attorney General Garland since I remember Robert as being thoughtful and well informed as a student.”

President Rick Commons said he was impressed by the fact that Hur was appointed.

“I met [Hur] a few years ago at a reception in DC. He came in part because of his time at Harvard School mattering to him, and his friend John Amato, who was also there,” Commons said. “I expect he’s going to do a great job and we’re proud of him.”

Clara Conrad ’25 said Hur’s appointment is a good demonstration of alumni involvement in American politics.

“As a nation, we are at our most divided since the Civil War, and I believe that considering this can give a lot of insight onto the events of the post-Pax Americana era,” Conrad said. “I think that this era of American history will prove to be incredibly pivotal in the nation’s future and function, and it’s interesting to think that HW is producing the people who are determining what happens. Regardless of how you feel about the investigation, and the current [political environment], I think we can all agree that our community is playing a role in it all, and that’s pretty incredible.”