Playwright teaches writing workshops

Tiffany Kim

Award-winning playwright John Walch, the nephew of performing arts teacher Ted Walch, taught three workshops for the playwrights’ festival Oct. 9-11.

“[It] was a really great experience,” Talia Ratnavale ’17 said. “We explored the different ways in which we write about how we perceive the world, and it was… interesting to see the way another writer’s mind works.”

Walch gave students a starting line of a play and asked them to run with it and see where it took them.

“As writers, we have to trust our instincts. That’s how things happen,” said Walch, who wrote “Double Time.” “The process is in the discovery.”

Students also listed memories of youth, which they used to write a haiku. Walch said this excercise emphasized “an enormous amount of stories inside of them.”