Prefects sell Porto’s pastries

Claire Goldsmith

Prefect Council earned roughly $400 in its first “Monthly Meals” event Oct. 1. The money, raised by selling cheese rolls, apple strudel and chicken empanadas from Porto’s Bakery, will be used to finance more school-wide activities throughout the year, including additional Monthly Meals days.

In past years, food from nearby restaurants has been sold only on special occasions. With the institution of Monthly Meals, the Council aims to make off-campus food options a regular occurrence.

Head Prefect Katie Lim ’13 said students have always lobbied for an event like this one, but that Monthly Meals was fellow Head Prefect Michael Wagmeister’s ’13 “brainchild.”

“Not only has the student body asked for something like this, but, I mean, who doesn’t love food?” Lim said.

Wagmeister encouraged the plan so underclassmen, who are not permitted to leave campus during school hours, could get off campus food.

“We were able to bring off-campus food to those who might otherwise not be able to go out and buy it during the school day and raised a significant amount of money which will directly be used to benefit those very same students,” Wagmeister said.

Food was sold from break to the end of the day on Monday. Students had to pay in cash: one food item was $3, and two items sold for $5.

“Hopefully though, this was just a taste of what students might expect in the future, as we look to find ways to expand upon this idea and enhance this monthly event,” Wagmeister said.