Seniors attend annual Ring Ceremony


(Left to Right) Liam Douglas ’18 and Mycah Dottin ’18 prepare to receive their rings. Credit: Noah Aire/Chronicle

Noah Aire

Members of the class of 2018 celebrated the start of their final year as high school students by receiving rings and pins at Senior Ceremony on Sunday.

Senior Prefects JP Cherry ’18, Princie Kim ’18, Sarah Conway ’18 and Eli Timoner ’18 began the ceremony by speaking to their peers about their upper school experiences.

Cherry shared stories, as well as some pop culture references, with his fellow seniors.

Kim recalled how trying a new food helped her step out of her comfort zone.

Conway shared her reimagined version of the school crest and spoke about her experience with visual arts.

Timoner spoke about the collective talents that exemplify Harvard-Westlake ideals.

“Yes, we are a school and grade of disparate and unique talents, but it is the collection of these talents that defines Harvard-Westlake as stronger than a single shining star,” Timoner said. “We are not just one of these things, we are the sum of our parts, and if this sounds mediocre to you, then maybe it is time to redefine our terms.”

Along with the senior speeches, President Rick Commons, Head of Upper School Laura Ross and Chaplain James Young shared their knowledge and stories about the class of 2018.

The ceremony ended with Ross and Commons handing seniors their rings. Students were then able to socialize and reflect on the past years.