Walch to teach films to adults

Liz Yount

Cinema Studies teacher Ted Walch is launching “Sundays with Ted,” a nine-part film class for adults to watch and discuss movies, on Jan. 25 in Ahmanson Lecture Hall with Elia Kazan’s “East of Eden.”

The classes will be held in Ahmanson Lecture Hall for the third year in a row, but this is the first year that The Kutler Center will handle publicity. It is open to current parents, parents of alumni, alumni and their invited guests.

“I came up with the idea because a lot of parents who had come on Parent’s Day would listen to my spiel or hear from their kids about Cinema Studies, and they thought it might be fun for them to take a version of that class,” Walch said. “That, and my desire to raise money for financial aid.

The event costs $35 for any single film or $285 for all nine films, and proceeds go to the Thomas C. Hudnut Scholar Endowed Fund. Walch has raised over $20,000 in financial aid money with these classes.

“I believe that we get to be a much more exciting community by helping kids come here who wouldn’t otherwise be able to go here,” Walch said.

Special guests such as Robert Elswit, cinematographer of “There Will Be Blood,” and Naomi Foner, screenwriter of “Running on Empty” and mother of Jake Gyllenhaal ’98 and Maggie Gyllenhaal ’95, will also provide insight on their films.

“I want adults who want to come to this class to simply be able to enjoy movies with, perhaps, a little more insight than they would normally bring,” Walch said. “Primarily, it’s really just to get together, watch movies, have a good discussion and raise money.”

Parents said that they are enthusiastic about attending.

“I am so looking forward to more enriching Sunday afternoons with Ted,” Trina Steinberg (Ezra ’15) said.