Senior class participates in impromptu discussion about sexual assault

Jesse Nadel

The breaking of the projector during the May 21 Senior Transition Day screening of “The Hunting Ground,” a documentary about sexual assault on college campuses produced by Amy Ziering (Hannah Kofman ’14, Emma Kofman ’16), sparked an impromptu senior class discussion about the issue of sexual assault.

“I thought the discussion was very positive. I’m so impressed with my class that we wanted to talk about such an important topic as a collective and that people felt safe enough in this community to do so,” Rachel Savage ’15 said.

As part of the discussion, multiple girls shared their personal experiences with sexual assault, and the entire class had the opportunity to share their opinions on the topic. The part of the movie that was unable to be screened on Senior Transition Day was shown on May 22 after school.

Additionally, educational videos, free lunch from the Tommy’s food truck and a seniors-only coffee house highlighted the Prefect Council’s goal of bringing the senior class together.

“I think Senior Transition Day is a commemorative day for the seniors where they can take a step back from their classes and come together for some pretty special activities that they couldn’t do every day,” prefect Cate Wolfen ’17 said.

The seniors started the day by attending a pancake breakfast in Taper Gym where sophomores and juniors performed various skits and songs for the seniors.

“I think that the breakfast went really well. All of the underclassmen performers did a great job, and I think the seniors had a fun time,” Wolfen said.

Following the breakfast, the seniors watched a short video from NextGenVest detailing the process of résumé writing, and presented their class gift, a donation which will go toward financial aid.

The students also met for the last time with their dean groups and had the opportunity to sign each other’s yearbooks, which they received a day earlier than the rest of the school.

The day concluded with a special coffee house in the Chalmers Lounge, which only seniors could perform in and attend.

“The day was a good chance to all be in the same place since everyone is so scattered and on their own tracks these days,” Sydney Concoff ’15 said. “The movie was really impactful and it’s a topic that really needs to be talked about so that was my favorite part.”