International film festival selects PSA made by junior

Eojin Choi

Two years after Molly Cinnamon ’14 worked on Public Service Announcement “See,” it has been selected for The Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.

The festival is scheduled for Oct. 26 through Nov. 4. It will be viewed along with 245 other student films and was chosen from 900 entries.

Cinnamon, who wrote, co-directed and co-animated the film, said, “I am most proud that the film still resonates with people, even years after the catalyst sparked the idea.”

While attending the Harvard-Westlake Summer Film Camp, Cinnamon and fellow camp-goer Miranda Kash made “See” to raise awareness about the effects of ocean pollution in ecosystems.

Neither she nor Kasher had experience with animating, so they sought assistance from Visual Arts Teacher Cheri Gaulke and animating consultant Rachel Johnson. Using only a camera, the Dragon Frame Stop Motion program and Final Cut Pro, Cinnamon brought her vision to the screen. Within a little over a week, the film was written, shot and edited.

Editing was Cinnamon’s favorite part of the process, especially for animation, because it is the most detail-oriented.

“Editing is when you truly see every little shot and every little detail flow together,” Cinnamon said.

Although Cinnamon will not be attending this festival, “See” has been shown at other festivals including LA Student Media Festival, the Harvard-Westlake 2011 Film Festival and the Los Angeles Film Festival, all of which Cinnamon attended.

“The PSA is only two minutes long, so it was important to me that its message resonate far beyond when the screen goes dark,” Cinnamon said.