Beirut bombing prevents family reunion in Lebanon

Chronicle Staff

Tarek Tohme’s ’08 family, including brother Ramez ’06, was in for a surprise when they landed at London Heathrow airport on July 14. They were planning on catching a connecting flight to Lebanon, but they ran into a problem.

The Beirut airport had been bombed.

“We wanted to see all of our family and then we heard what was happening,” Tohme said. “It was just disappointing.”

Tohme had family in Lebanon when the conflict between the Islamic militant organization Hezbollah, based in Lebanon, and Israel began. Many U.S. citizens were stranded in Lebanon and had to be evacuated.

Tohme’s family had already planned to go to Morocco after Lebanon and just continued on with that part of their vacation.

A lot of their family lives in the mountains of Lebanon, which are only 10 minutes away from most of the bombing. They had no electricity, their supply of food was running low, and refugees were living in their front yard.

Tohme’s father keeps in touch with their family in Lebanon every day to make sure they are safe, though Tohme is not very frightened for their safety.

“We have guards and they have guns” he said.