LAHSO holds fundraiser, culminating National Hispanic Heritage Month


LAHSO member Josue Martin ’20 hands a tamale to Isabel Lawrence ’21 on the quad during the fundraiser. Credit: Hannah Han/Chronicle

Ethan Lachman

Marking their first fundraiser since 2017, the Latin American-Hispanic Social Student Organization (LAHSO) sold food on the quad Oct. 15 to raise money for future projects. The sale ran from third period to the end of the day and included three types of tamales, conchas, a type of pan dulce, and orejas, a flaky cookie.

Goals and Success

LAHSO leader Diana Castellanos ’20 said LAHSO met its goal of raising at least 2,000 dollars by working in tandem with the Student Leadership of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity club (SLIDE) and Community Council.

In addition to funding their own programs such as unity banquets and a second LAHSO fest, Castellanos said part of the proceeds will go to the National Association of Latinos Elected to Office (NALEO) Educational Fund, an organization that helps Latinos stay active in the political process.

Relevance to Hispanic Heritage Month

LAHSO’s decision to hold the fundraiser Oct. 15 was no coincidence, Castellanos said.

“It was also the last day of [National] Hispanic Heritage Month,” she said. “So it was a nice way to wrap it up and have some presence on campus.”

LAHSO leader Oscar Montanez Garay ’20 said he was thrilled to see staff members get involved.

“I thought the faculty support was great,” Garay said. “In fact, [Upper School Student Discipline and Attendance Coordinator Gabe Preciado] was the person with the connection to the lady who made the tamales. Also, it was really great to see [Upper School Dean Celso Cardenas] put on some gloves and pass out tamales and pan dulce even when he has a very busy schedule.”

Final Thoughts

Looking back on the fundraiser, Garay said he felt grateful to work alongside his fellow students.

“I feel the fundraiser was an amazing success,” Garay said. “I am super proud of all my club members for spending their free periods to support the cause.”