Photography students showcase portraits in Feldman-Horn Gallery


Valentina Gaxiola ’21 views various photography projects located in the Feldman- Horn Gallery. The art exhibit showcased works taken by Photography I and II students.

Tanisha Gunby

Photography I and II students displayed artwork that they have developed throughout the 2019-2020 school year at the opening reception of the Photography Student Showcase in Feldman-Horn Gallery on Feb. 21. The showcase will be on display until March 13.

Photography students showcase self-portraits

Photography I students displayed self-portraits and re-creations of personal or historical memories, while Photography II students exhibited their best work from the entire year. In addition, darkroom-based projects made without the use of film were exhibited. The showcase celebrated other art forms as well, including dance and music through Boot Squad and Jazz Ensemble performances.

Visual arts teacher Alexandra Pacheco Garcia said that the showcase gave students the opportunity to share the work they have been polishing throughout the year with their peers and teachers.

“I thought this year was really successful,” Pacheco Garcia said. “I thought that it was the best show that I have seen on campus and outside of here in quite a long time. I felt really proud of the entire showcase and the students.”

Photography II student Mia Hutchinson ’21 said her project focused on stories that students around campus had heard or experienced. She photographed the locations where each story took place and then wrote a short narrative about the particular event.

Students convey stories through photography

“I really enjoyed seeing other people’s reactions,” Hutchinson said. “I liked seeing that other people were enjoying my work. It was nice knowing that I put in work and people appreciated it and asked questions about it.”
Boot Squad Club leader Chandace Apacanis ’21 said the dance performance during the showcase was a very personal experience compared to the club’s previous performances in front of students, faculty and staff members at all-school assemblies.

“I was so honored because I only envisioned Boot Squad being a little piece of culture during the all school assembly,” Apacanis said. “I love performing and sharing any piece of culture, any piece of knowledge of dance or anything with other people.”