Website keeps school updated

Harvard-Westlake is getting a facelift. The football field has lights, the Middle School will soon resemble a junior college, and we might be on the verge of receiving tablet computers for every student in a few years. Our job as members of the media is to try to keep up with the ever-changing needs of our evolving community. People want information, and they want it fast.

We know the Chronicle shows up as a part of your lives once a month, but this year we want it to be a part of your everyday life. Check out our website. It is our goal to provide you with constant updates. We might even be more accurate than Facebook.

Our website will not only have articles from the print edition of the Chronicle. We’ll be adding stories, podcasts and videos that, until we have the technology to make the Chronicle more like the Daily Prophet, will only be available online. At this very moment, there are two new videos, one of the highlights of last Friday’s football game and from the trip to Edinburgh. In the coming months, we may even add some interactive aspects. President Thomas C. Hudnut requested an online poll to gauge the popularity of his new beard. So far that’s our only interactive feature, but keep an eye out for more. For the time being, go to to vote.

Since you will now be able to receive a daily fix of campus-wide news online, we will focus the print version of the Chronicle on more in-depth stories and provocative design.

We hope you enjoy these tweaks and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and input in the coming school year. Take pleasure in the next seven editions of the Chronicle and have a great year.

 ­— Michael Kaplan and Ariane Lange