Prefect Council announces Fanatic Fest schedule

The Prefect Council announced its schedule for Fanatic Fest yesterday, which starts Monday and culminates in a final assembly Friday before Homecoming. Monday through Thursday will feature theme days and inter-grade competitions, with points being awarded at the end of each day. A spirit assembly will be held Friday to promote school unity. The schedule is as follows:

Monday: The first ever school wide Gotcha game will start, with 250 points given to the winner’s grade, and 100 given to the grade of the second place finisher. Inter-grade Olympics will be held at break, with competitions including a water balloon toss, balloon shaving, tug-of-war, a pie-eating contest, and a dizzy back contest. Coffee Bean will be served on campus, and students are encouraged to dress in their grade’s designated color. Seniors will wear black, juniors will wear white, and sophomores will wear red.

Tuesday: Tuesday’s theme is the 80s. Music will be played in the quad, and everyone is encouraged to dress up.

Wednesday: No special activities are planned, other than the continuation of Gotcha for those still in the game.

Thursday: Each grade dresses for its specific theme, with seniors dressing as cops and robbers, juniors as their favorite occupation, and sophomores dressing to represent a music genre.

Friday: A school wide spirit assembly will take place in Taper, led by the Fanatics with surprise performances to kick off Homecoming the next day.