Be respectful: don’t cheat to eat

Seniors are not angry that sophomores and juniors are taking advantage of what is called a “senior privilege.” Some seniors even take sophomores and juniors out to lunch with them.

If there happened to be an earthquake or a lockdown or a fire, the administration would not know who was trapped in a building and who was getting Coffee Bean.

Those sign-in sheets are not just used to make sure that a senior is not skipping class; they can help determine who is on or off campus if and when an emergency happens. Sophomores and juniors cannot sign out and, therefore, could either be in grave danger or could be safe and sound at Il Tram.

When sophomores and juniors actually receive their  off-campus privileges, they aren’t going to want to go up to upper school Head of Attendance J. Gabriel Preciado’s office in Seaver every single time they want to leave. Seniors right now probably don’t want that either.

Some of the security guards stationed at the kiosk have become students’ friends. They chat with students when they arrive and wave goodbye when they leave. If you are ‘just getting something from your car,’ then that’s okay. They don’t interrogate a student about what grade they are in when he or she tries to go off campus during the school day.

Stop abusing the trust that they have given us. The security guards don’t need to change. We do.