Siblings in harmony

Two sets of siblings share the stage in this weekend’s production of “Les Miserables.”

Julian Hicks ’08 and Bella Hicks ’12 play Jean Valjean and Little Cosette respectively.

“I really like being in the play with him,” Bella said. “It’s really fun. Plus, I always have someone to talk to.”

Brothers Brian Kurtzman ’08 and Ethan Kurtzman ’10 are also both in Les Miserables. Brian plays Javert, the villain, and Ethan plays the role of Joly, a student.

The Hicks siblings had acted previously in the same acting company, and the first day of rehearsal yielded no surprises for the duo.

“I know how he works,” Bella said. “He is my brother, after all.” 

In addition to being Julian’s younger sister, Bella is also one of only three middle school students in this year’s production. 

“{Julian} introduced me to a lot of new people,” she said.

While the cast list announcing Julian’s part went up in early October, Bella did not receive her news until weeks later.

Auditions for the middle school were held after upper school auditions were over.

“He was really supportive,” Bella said of her older brother. “It was also something we could do together before he leaves for college. I really feel like I can look up to him in the scene, just like I’m supposed to,” the younger Hicks said.  

Brian helped Ethan practice his songs at home before the audition. The brothers interact more offstage than onstage, Brian said.

“He made the environment a lot more comfortable for me,” Ethan said.