Seniors vote to support financial aid with class gift

Seniors voted to give the senior class gift to the Alumni Scholar Endowment Fund, a fund which assists students with financial aid.

“I think the senior class made a very mature and admirable selection for their senior class gift,” Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Eli Goldsmith said. 

The seniors were also given the option of voting for the Senior Tribute Award, donating to the Michael Brownstein Fellowship or giving to an athletic spirit fund to finance endeavors to increase and endorse school spirit.

The Senior Tribute Award honors six teachers chosen by seniors, while the Fellowship  funds a gap year for a senior.

Goldsmith informed the seniors of their options in an e-mail to the class. An overwhelming majority of the vote was for financial aid.

“As a financial aid recipient myself in college, I believe that there are few greater causes in a community like Harvard Westlake,” Goldsmith said.

The causes were selected by Student Alumni Association representatives and elected senior class representatives. 

The fundraising has already begun; Goldsmith manned a table in front of Chalmers accepting donations all day on Monday.

“I’m really glad that we decided to give it to a cause so useful and give a student a chance at Harvard-Westlake,” Jenna Marine ’08 said.