Proposal for second break sent to departments

A decision on the proposal for an extra weekly break could be reached by members of the Faculty Academic Committee as soon as next week, FAC Chairman Kent Nealis said.

Head Prefects Brandon Levin ’09 and Tessa Wick ’09 presented a proposal for a second weekly break to the FAC Tuesday afternoon, Nealis said.

FAC members will discuss the proposal with their departments. It was likely from the beginning a final decision would not be made at the meeting. Nealis said there was support for the proposal in the meeting.

Levin and Wick made the point that Monday breaks do not allow for enough time when all students are free and can get together, and many times the break period is taken up by fire drills or assemblies.

“Time together positively affects the school. Trying to make it work is a second set of challenges,” said Nealis. “I am personally hoping we find a way to do this.”

Nealis said he does not know when the final decision will be made but he hopes it will be sometime next week.