Antioch Review published poem

“Charon’s Humor,” a poem written by English Department Chair Laurence Weber was published in the summer issue of the Antioch Review.

“You hear it’s accepted, and then there’s a lay off time, and then it happens,” he said. “It’s very exciting.”

Weber wrote “Charon’s Humor” three years ago as a narrative of its title character, Charon, a ferryman who transports the dead across the river in the underworld.

Charon wonders how he got what Weber calls “the worst job in human history,” and makes jokes at his own expense.

Weber said he tries to balance his 18 years of teaching with his life of writing.

“It’s hard to explain where these weird little obsessions come from,” he said.

To date, five of Weber’s poems have been featured in various publications. He is especially proud of being published in the Antioch Review, a prestigious journal he calls “a step up.”