Rumors of Demi Moore teaching drama class denied by department

By Alexia Boyarsky

A radio report that actress Demi Moore would teach a drama class was adamantly denied Tuesday by both drama teacher Ted Walch and Head of Performing Arts Department Rees Pugh.

“This is the first I’ve ever heard of it,” Pugh said.

The report was made by radio host Ralph Garmond on Jan. 6, but KROQ representatives were unclear where he got his information.

“Ralph gathers his information from a number of sources,” said a KROQ representative.

Meanwhile, other celebrity gossip websites have picked up on the story. On Janet Charlton’s Hollywood Gossip website, it was reported that since Moore’s husband, Ashton Kutcher, currently a freshman football coach for the school, liked working here so much, he wanted Moore to “join the faculty too,” according to

Moore “wants to get involved, and she’s offered to be a guest teacher in a drama class. Many of the students are from show business families and want to become actors, so Demi has promised to visit classes with some acting tips,” said the website.