Off Beat: Party Animal

By Derek Schlom

Casper Stockwell ’10 has a friend named Bob. Bob is a pig.

They met a few months ago, and their relationship has escalated quickly.

“He sleeps in my bed and snuggles with me,” Stockwell said. “He needed a loving home and we gave him one.”

Bob was Stockwell’s date to Semiformal at the Sheraton Universal on Jan. 31, but the pair ran into trouble after 10 minutes inside the ballroom.

“I called the hotel before and they said they were okay with it and that it was up to the people throwing the event whether or not Bob was allowed in,” he said. “I guess the school was not down with Bob. Very upsetting.”

Bob and Stockwell had some quality time together in front of the hotel for the remainder of the event, where they were visited by gawkers.

“Lots of people thought he was really cute and lots of people thought he was a dog at first.”

Despite the Semiformal disappointment, Stockwell and Bob continue to develop their connection: “No woman could amount to the bond that me and my pig share.”