Senior qualifies as finalist for 2nd time in Physics Olympiad

By Erin Moy

Josh Oreman ’09 was picked for a second year as a U.S. Physics Team finalist to potentially represent the country at the 40th International Physics Olympiad, held in Mexico from July 12 through July 19.

Oreman was picked out of a group of 4,000 students who were tested last January, and he will continue to train during a 10-day physics camp at the University of Maryland, College Park. At the end of the physics camp, the top five students will be selected to travel to the Olympiad in Mexico.

During last year’s Olympiad, Oreman won one out of the four gold medals the U.S. Physics Team took home. Though this is Oreman’s second year, he feels that his only real advantage is that “the coaches know I can do physics,” he said.

“I still have to take the same qualifying exams as last year and score just as well on them — better, in fact, because they expect me to have improved due to my experience last year,” Oreman said.

Though Oreman will be missing senior traditions such as Prom, senior seminars and the Cum Laude induction due to the training camp, Oreman says that he “likes the physics enough to be okay with it.”

“I’ll be happy even if I don’t make the traveling team, though; I’ve had my go and it was great, and I don’t really feel like I need to prove myself further. That said, getting to go to the Olympiad in Mexico would be great,” Oreman said.