New kids on the block

Josiah Yiu

Former School: Mirman School

Interests: choir, fencing

“I am really excited to start new at a new school, and I’m really excited to start high school.”

Elias Aquino

Former School: Bright Star Secondary Charter Academy Interests: fencing and stage management

“[I’m looking forward to] doing my best.”

Reyna Calderon

Former School: Marlborough School

Interests: swimming, water polo, yoga

“[Harvard-Westlake] is definitely a much bigger school [than my old school]. I’m excited about being in a bigger school community… and socializing on a much bigger scale.”

Arielle Maxner

Former School: Mirman School

Interests: cello, karate, photography

“I’m looking forward to meeting new friends and to my photography class.”

Gabrielle Velkes

Former School: Archer School for Girls

Interests: drawing, painting, art history

“I’m excited for a lot of things; I’m excited for change mostly.”

Susan Wang

Former School: SMIC Private School in Shanghai, China

Interests: figure skating, track

“I’m interested in getting to know everyone. It’s such a diverse school community and everyone has such a unique background.”

Abbie Neufield

Former School: Yeshiva University School of Los Angeles

Ishan Bose-Pyne

Former School: North Hollywood High School

Catherine Golden

Former School: Valencia High School

Interests: soccer, photography

“I’m excited for the next three years.”

Lukas Czinger

Former School: Greenwich High School in Greenwich, Conn.

Interests: soccer, surfing

“I’m taking 3-D art; it sounds pretty cool: stained windows and sculptures.” 

Jonathan Chu

Former School: Flintridge Preparatory School

Interests: tennis, photography

“I’m looking forward to a great year and a change from my old school.”

Patrick Kang

Former School: Calabasas High School

Interests: swimming, violin

“I’ve heard a lot of good things about Harvard-Westlake teachers and students; I’ve heard that [all of the students] mingle and that no one segregates”

Austin Hopp

Former School: Brentwood School

Interests: saxophone and clarinet

“I am really excited to be in the sophomore class and it’s going to be a great year!”

Jonathan Lee

Former School: Windward School

Interests: swimming and concert string

“I guess I’m excited to meet new people and go to a new school and have new opportunties.”

Cooper Schilling

Former School: The American School in London

Interests: video art, baseball

“I can’t wait to come to Harvard-Westlake.”