Gay-Straight Alliance returns to Upper School

By Daniel Rothberg

After the absence of one last year, a Gay-Straight Alliance has been brought back to the Upper School campus this year.

“We are working to get students involved in political equality campaigns in California,” said Ava Kofman ’10, one of the club’s leaders. “The club will promote a more open community and work to educate people on anti-hate crime legislation.”

Along with Kofman, Simon Hunegs ’10 is running the GSA and dean Tamar Adegbile is the faculty sponsor.

The club plans to meet Mondays during break.

“[Gay marriage rights] are probably going to be on the ballot some time in the future and we want people to understand what the issues are,” Hunegs said.

During the summer, both Hunegs and Kofman worked at Equality California, an organization that runs campaigns aimed at acquiring equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.