Actress Geena Davis to speak at Women’s History Month assembly



By Mary Rose Fissinger



Actress Geena Davis will address the school community on Monday, March 8, at the Women’s History Month Assembly.

Every year, Gender Studies teacher Martha Wheelock asks a strong, accomplished woman to speak at this assembly.

“I try to bring speakers of diverse representation: ethnic, professional, and experience,” Wheelock said.

She was drawn to Davis because of the many female role models she has portrayed in movies and on television, including a baseball player during World War II in the film A League of Their Own, and the President of the United States in the series Commander in Chief. Perhaps her most well-known role was that of  Thelma in the movie Thelma and Louise. She has won an Emmy for her role on Commander in Chief, and an Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her role as Muriel Pritchett in The Accidental Tourist.

In addition, Davis is the founder of the Institute for Gender in Media, which informs the public about the need for more female roles in television geared towards children and for less stereotyping of both men and women.