Neighborhood watch

Campus security said they were aware of the predator, who was registered at that address on the Megan’s List website. Jessica’s Law, which bans sex criminals from living within 2,000 feet of schools, among other places was passed two months after his release from prison in 2006.

At the Upper School, students are frequently walking off campus, out of range of the watchful eye of security guards. It is the responsibility of campus security to help students stay safe even when in the neighborhood, to alert the community of potential threats, such as the sex offender living in our backyard.

A Chronicle study found dozens of property and violent crimes reported within a close radius of the school in the past week, a higher number than you might expect. Furthermore, there are nine sex offenders registered as living in the same two-mile radius.

At the Upper School, not only are students walking more in the surrounding areas, but there is no affluent, crime-free bubble that is the area around the Middle School. We’re not in Holmby Hills anymore.

Though our security team keeps tabs on local crime, they should pass on the information they collect to students. We suggest the creation of an area crime bulletin that can be posted on school grounds so students can be aware of who and what to look out for when off-campus.

Many colleges provide the same information for their students and it is our opinion that a similar idea would be useful at our school. It would not be to incite paranoia but rather to remind to remain alert.

We feel safe when at school. The security team’s diligent work on school shooting awareness and the regulation of campus visitors creates an atmosphere of protection—for this we are grateful.

Last month’s arrest has reminded us all that there is a world outside 3700 Coldwater Canyon, one that no number of security kiosks will be able to defend against.