Vandals steal electronics from 3 cars on Coldwater

Chronicle Staff

By Alice Phillips

Vandals smashed in the passenger-side windows of Faith Chung’s ’10 Mercedes-Benz SUV, Tyler Greeno’s ’12 Volkswagon Passat and Michael Kagan’s ’12 Mercedes-Benz on Coldwater Canyon on Friday, May 14.

Chung’s Garmin GPS and Greeno’s Kenwood GPS were ripped from their cars’ dashboards, where they had been installed in plain sight. Kagan did not have a GPS, but the vandals took the radio that was built in to his center console.

Greeno said that a phone charger and several pairs of sunglasses in his car were left untouched even though the vandals could have seen them while stealing his GPS.

After the students reported that their cars had been broken into, the school’s security team documented the incidents.

Green continued to park on Coldwater after the incident.

“I doubt it’ll happen again,” he said.

“I try not to park on Coldwater now and park in Upper St. Michael’s instead.” Chung said, “But [when I have to park on Coldwater I don’t mind] because, now that my GPS is gone, I don’t have anything valuable in my car.”

On March 17, two students’ cars were broken into. The vandals in that incident also broke in the cars’ passenger-side windows and ripped out the GPS devices on the cars’ dashboards.

Head of Security Jim Crawford said that students should hide any valuables when they park their cars, especially in our neighborhood.

“There are always a few car thefts on Coldwater every year,” Crawford said. He said that because of the nature of the surrounding neighborhoods, petty theft is to be expected, especially outside a school, where vandals know that students may not think to hide their valuables.