Festival features 6 student films

By Allana Rivera

The Los Angeles Student Media Festival selected six student films this year from Harvard-Westlake, twice as many as from any other school in the festival.

The films were screened Saturday night at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Ranging in genre from drama to animation, the films were mostly produced during past Harvard-Westlake summer film camps and then sent out to film festivals across the country by Visual Arts teacher Cheri Gaulke.

“Without Ms. Gaulke, none of the films produced in the camp would get nearly as much exposure as they do,” Molly Cinnamon ’13, who took part in directing and writing two of the films in the festival, said.

The films, some of which have already been in a few festivals, deliver a variety of messages.

From a girl’s strained relationship with her father to the journey of a family of chewing gum, the wide-ranging story lines showcased many of the different aspects of student filmmaking.

The process of making these films can take as long as a week. “See,” an environmental public service announcement written by Cinnamon, was filmed in five days and edited in one.

“It was very intensive, but that’s what made it so great,” Cinnamon said.

Jack Goldfisher ’14 who took part in the creation of “A Gum’s Life” said that the film festivals can have a mix of nerve-wracking and gratifying moments.

“At the Los Angeles Film Festival they had all of the student filmmakers in the front of the theater, and the audience asked them questions, and that was pretty intimidating, but also an interesting experience,” said Goldfisher ’14.