Sophomore sings in Honors Choir at Carnegie

By Elizabeth Madden

Elizabeth Cohen ’14 sang at Carnegie Hall in New York the weekend of Feb. 11 with the American High School Honors Choir.

Cohen, a member of the Bel Canto choir at school, was nominated to be a member of the Honors Choir by middle school choir teacher Nina Burtchaell.

“It is an outstanding experience for the most talented individuals from various choirs throughout the country. They seem to provide an overall exciting experience for the singers,” Burtchaell said.

The application process requires students to be first nominated by a music director or teacher and submit a recording of themselves performing.

“It was a totally different experience [from Bel Canto],” Cohen said. “It was a 250-member choir, we only had two days to learn all the music, and we had six hours of rehearsal a day. We also had to perform songs which all had really different styles in all different languages.”

“It was the biggest audience I’ve ever sung in front of,” Cohen said. “Being onstage at Carnegie Hall and thinking about some of my idols that have performed there was amazing. It was better than I ever could have imagined.”