Summer Activities

Georgia Goldberg, Opinion Editor, Satire Editor

During the school year, the students of Harvard-Westlake — the school known for its widespread Prozac consumption, mediocre football team and parking lot often mistaken for an Audi dealership—ever so joyfully pursue excellence in all endeavors. And during the summer, they are just as committed to pursuing that excellence. Here are just a few of the incredible activities sure to impress you and any admissions committee:

Founded nonprofit organization Square of Men

Freed the Menendez brothers

Hunted rats in the sewers of Studio City

Chosen to be the very first Jewish Pope

Joined HW Venture 

Gave voice lessons to Beanie Feldstein ’11

Enjoyed a crisp Diet Coke 

Engineered a three-state solution

Kidnapped by Ezra Miller

Received seven likes and two comments on a tweet

Auditioned for the Blue Man Group (unfortunately wasn’t blue enough)

Got married down in the Louisiana bayou

Said “gay” to Ron DeSantis

Coined the word “slay” 

Covered Dasani water bottles silver with silver paint for the Environmental Club 

Killed Schrödinger’s cat

Took a Women’s Studies class at Hustlers University

Got #3 on the leaderboard after playing for only two hours

Stole C4 vertebrae from Woolly Mammoth at La Brea Tar Pits

Buried said vertebrae at Harvard-Westlake River Park

Practiced parking in SL-0

Reached HW Venture Level 2 

These activities are clearly very impressive; however, the greatest activity of the summer was the friends we made along the way.