Principles of Engineering students hold open house


Principles of Engineering student Brandon Porter ’18 displays his pinhole camera during an open house on Nov. 1. Credit: Kaitlin Musante/Chronicle

Kaitlin Musante

Principles of Engineering students displayed their handmade pinhole cameras to students and faculty Nov. 1 during seventh and eighth periods.

The students designed the cameras for those with limited dexterity. To simulate the disability, students wore oven mitts while designing their cameras.

“I think it was a really interesting project in general because we were designing something for a niche market, which throws in a couple more constraints,” Principles of Engineering student Brandon Porter ’18 said.

Students created a manual describing their building process to help others recreate their design. Each student also took a picture using his or her camera.

Principles of Engineering teacher Karen Hutchison said that she was pleased with the results.

“I was impressed with the diversity of ideas and the picture quality was actually very impressive,” Hutchison said.

Students and faculty could stop by at any point and discuss the design of each project with its inventor.

The attendees said that they enjoyed the display.

“I liked the exhibit because the cameras were quite interesting and it was cool how they created them out of plain cardboard boxes,” Mia Nelson ’19 said. “I was very impressed with their work.”