Fair offers chance to browse classes

By Abbie Neufeld and Sarah Novicoff

For the first time, the deans and the Prefect Council are organizing an academic fair for Feb. 22.

Tables set up in the quad will give sophomores and juniors a chance to learn about the classes that are open for them to choose as they plan their schedules for the coming year.

Teachers will organize tables explaining their classes and answer any questions that visiting students have.

Students who are currently in the class or have taken the class in the past will also assist the teachers, and projects will be on display.

Upper School Dean Beth Slattery decided to organize the fair in response to students “feeling like they needed more information about the courses from the faculty and kids who have actually taken the classes,” she said.

Sophomore prefect Henry Hahn ’14 said that a lot of students sign up for classes when they are not informed about the material taught or the teacher. The academic fair will serve to inform the student body about their classes and ensure that students choose classes they will enjoy.

“We’re hoping to make course choices more meaningful and more informed,” Upper School Dean Jon Wimbish said.

Slattery also cited the new Kutler Center classes as another motivation for the fair.

“I hope kids will actually use this opportunity because teachers are taking time out of their schedules to do this, and if it’s successful we hope to continue it in future years,” Slattery said.