Student Teaches Sailing at UCLA Marina

By Kenneth Schrupp

Greg Lehroff ’14 taught sailing to underprivileged children during the summer as a counselor in training at the UCLA marina. He was motivated to join the program by his brother, Nick Lehroff.

“Nick made good friends and had a great time so I signed up,” Lehroff said.

During his tenure at the camp, he was prepared to deal with far more than just apprehensive campers. Having been sailing since the age of 13, he became an experienced and skilled sailor. His sailing skills, in conjunction with his week-long training camp, in which he was certified in CPR and first aid, made him “confident in [his] ability to deal with any situation.”

As a counselor, his main job was to teach campers how to sail safely. Although it was the first time sailing for many campers, he was surprised at the speed at which some of the campers were learning how to sail.

“More eager kids picked it up so fast,” Lehroff said.

However, a few campers found the situation less enjoyable.

“When I started sailing, I was pretty afraid, so it was easy to be sympathetic with the kids less comfortable with it,” Lehroff said.

Aside from instructing sailing, Lehroff directed other undertakings. Other camp activities included games, such as a sailing version of capture the flag, to beach and park trips near the Marina del Rey facilities. Lehroff decided the work was “difficult but rewarding” and said that he would definitely continue with the program next year.