Renovations to weight room complete


The new weight room under Taper Gym. Printed with the permission of Darlene Bible.

Asa Saperstein

The weight room underwent a renovation this summer to accommodate a larger number of athletes with an improved layout and new equipment.

Strength coach Sarah Mock said that the room’s new capacity will increase efficiency in training, allowing twice as many athletes as the previous version to train at once. Now, multiple teams are able to carry out training sessions at once. This will make morning lifts more efficient, as now the room can accommodate more athletes in the afternoon. The improvement will allow students to get more sleep at night, Mock said.

“Our strength and conditioning department serves 18 programs,” Mock said.  “We needed to have more space to accommodate this large number of athletes. Our old weight room did not allow us to have a large number of athletes training at one time.”

Equipment has been added, but no equipment has been removed. Stations are positioned back-to-back. These double-sided racks afford teams 28 bars to use at once. Also new to the room are new sets of kettlebells and TRX suspension trainers. The school’s logo is positioned across the floor at each station. While the room is still awaiting some new equipment, it is in operation. Lighting is also updated.

“The weight room was renovated this summer- the racks were powder coated and new parts were added to allow for twice the platforms,” Athletic Director Darlene Bible said.  “The platforms are no longer raised, they are marked instead in the new flooring.”

The project launched during the last week of final exams. Bible, who is in charge of athletic facilities, oversaw the project, but the strength coaches designed the room. Until it was finished June 26, coaches had to figure out different ways to continue training without access to the weight room. The renovation interfered with the early summer training of boys’ water polo. The team trained on the field, the pool deck and in Taper gym.

“We hope that it is a place where athletes want to come train and prepare for their sport,” Mock said. “Feel free to come check it out.”