Track undergoes renovation

Asa Saperstein

Construction has been completed to replace the previously water damaged track with a brand new surface, as per Head Coach Jonas Koolsbergen’s recommendation.

The athletic administration and Chief of Campus Operations and Construction Jim DeMatte ultimately made the decision to upgrade the track.

“I was involved in the decision making process, and we certainly included Coach Koolsbergen in the decision,” said Athletic Director Darlene Bible. “Coach also made the decisions in regards to new markings, etc. As the Athletic Director in charge of facilities, I arranged the meetings with vendors and have been supervising the process.”

The polyurethane track has a new surface and new markings.

“The new surface looks great, and there will no longer be uneven and patched areas,” Bible said.

The project impinged on team workouts, but coaches were able to manage by moving training sessions to different venues.

The project started the day after graduation June 9 and is set to finish this weekend, when the striping is laid down. After these final touches, the track will be ready for use.

This project, along with the renovations to the weight room, marks a summer of facility improvements for the school’s athletic department.