Girls’ tennis loses to Marlborough

Eugean Choi

The girls’ tennis team lost to Marlborough School today with a score of 11-7 in their first league game. 

Singles and doubles player Kate Konvitz ’20 said that the team will bring more effort into future games. 

“I think that we put in a lot of effort, but we definitely have more energy to bring this season.” Konvitz said.

In order to do better in other games, doubles player Kylie Azizzadeh ’21 said that they need to train on how to move quickly. 

“We need to work on having stronger starts and not giving away points that we should be winning,” Azizzadeh said. “We also need to move our feet more and start with better warm ups.”

Even with the loss, Azizzadeh said that she is looking on the bright side and hoping to do better in future games.

“We are going to apply everything we struggled with to our match tomorrow, so hopefully that works better!” Azizzadeh said.

The team will go against Marlborough again on Oct. 1 and will go against Notre Dame tomorrow.