Young, injury riddled program looks to build momentum and experience


Kimberly Tan ’22 serves ball to her opponent in a 70-59 Mission League win against Notre Dame High School on Sept. 24. Photo credit: Jaidev Pant/Chronicle.

Eugean Choi

Despite many early injuries, the girls’ tennis team has performed consistently, starting the season with an overall record of 2-3 and league record of 1-1.

The girls are slowly improving throughout the season

Girls’ tennis program head Jelena Durisic said that the team has overcome early obstacles and has improved since last year.

“Some of the challenges we face is that we still have a much younger team, many [players are] freshmen and sophomores who need experience but they are eager to play,” Durisic said. “I think we have a lot of talent, we just need to learn to utilize it in the right way. The more they play matches, the more experience they gain and confidence grows. They are learning from each match on what to improve, and how to move forward and it’s only the beginning.”

The team practices daily to obtain their achievements

Singles and doubles player Kate Konvitz ’20 said that the girls will continue to work harder to achieve the results that they want.

“I think that compared to last season, we are doing a lot better,” Konvitz said. “Over the summer, we all grew as players. I think that our technique is a lot better and that as a team we are a lot more connected. However, I think we can increase our overall team energy, and we should start off stronger.”

Similarly, singles and doubles player Maddie Dupee ’20 said that, despite recent successes, the team still looks to improve.

“In our most recent game, the score was 9-9 against Notre Dame but we won in games,” Dupee said. “Although the game went pretty well, we can still do better in the next matches.”

The squad is like a family 

Konvitz said the team has gotten closer throughout the season as the players spend more time with each other.

“I think the biggest thing we improved on is becoming more of a family,” Konvitz said. “I love all the girls and don’t know how I’d get through the harsh ‘first-quarter senior year’ without them.”

Durisic said that the girls are focused on becoming better players, but have one goal in mind: winning CIF.

“This year the goals are simple,” Durisic said. “[We need to] stay healthy the entire season, compete hard every match, win the [Mission League] hopefully and get past CIF preliminary rounds. Most importantly have fun as a team, and improve together.”